Sydney Prayer Breakfast 2016

The Address

Glenn Stevens has been Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia since 18 September 2006. Governor Stevens is Chair of the Reserve Bank Board and the Payments System Board and is involved in a number of other organisations.

Glenn is a professing Christian, and plays the guitar at his local Baptist Church. “If you’re a Christian”, Glenn says, “God has given you certain capabilities to do a job, to earn a living. The Bible teaches that you should do that as if you were doing that for Him, because you are, and that’s my attitude”.

Why pray for Sydney?

We asked attendees of the breakfast why they thought praying for Sydney was important.


Magda Ackad
Co-Founder, Disciples at Work
Gladys Berejiklian
MP, Treasurer of NSW
Nathan Brown
CEO Christian Media & Arts Australia
Catherine Yeomans
CEO Mission Australia
Dr Andrew Beshara
Orthopaedics Resident
Shashi Kanagaratnam
eNoah Director, Australia & NZ

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