Guest Artist 2018


Tash Lockhart is an emerging Australian singer/songwriter.

Since the tender age of 13, along with her her beloved acoustic guitar, Tash has written and played a unique blend of acoustic/soul songs.

Over the years of discovering her artistry, Lockhart’s voice and musical style has developed into that of a Soul Jazz sound, captivating listeners.

In 2011 Tash Lockhart was called in to film a segment on the Disney Channel called ‘ Guide To Writing Your Own Song ‘ on a show named ‘Guide To ‘ .

The show was repeatedly broadcast across Australia and New Zealand for some years and featured Tash playing  her unreleased original song ‘Disappear’ live on air.

In 2016 Tash Lockhart competed in the Australian series of ‘The Voice’ where she placed 3rd in the grand final of the show under team Ronan Keating.

Tash regularly sings in the worship team of her local church and featured in the 2017 Hillsong conference. Since the Voice appearance she is focusing more on church based ministry

Based out of Sydney NSW, Tash Lockhart has been gigging professionally nationally for over three years and is now focused on taking her music career to the next level.

Keep an ear out for Tash’s dulcet tones and enjoy following the journey of this amazing talent.